Workout 12/13/15


My Workout:

Run 1 mile then

400 meter run, 30 pullups, 10 deadlifts 185#

400 meter run, 20 pullups, 10 deadlifts 185#

400 meter run, 10 pullups, 10 deadlifts 185#..then…

200 Double Unders or 400 singles



10 minute cardio your choice…then…

400 meter cardio of your choice or 2 minutes of in house cardio movements

Replace pullups with assisted pullups using a band.

Replace pullups with lat pull down using a resistance band attached to a horizontal structure.

Replace pullups with lat pulldowns on a lat pulldown machine.

Replace pullups with bent over dumbbell or barbell row.

Deadlifts should be heavy and a challenge at 10 reps. Reps do not have to be unbroken. Replace heavy deadlifts with light barbell deads at 12-15 reps. Or replace with dumbbell deads at 20 reps max.

I did not include links today, if you need them please text me. Happy lifting.


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